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Manual Dutch marines

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Clansman serie HF manpacks


PRC-319 By British MEL (Philips)


De PRC-319 is a manpack used by  the British SAS.

There are 350 sets munufactured by  MEL (Philips).

Frequency coverage 1.5 tot 40 MHz Modes USB, CW and Data.

Power output 50 Watt.  Automatic coupler.

In the left  compartment is the  EMU unit for data  communication.

This unit is not in my posession.



PRC-320 By British Plessey

The PRC-320 is a manpack munufactured for special forces.

Also Dutch marines have used this set.

2 to 30 MHz USB CW-wide CW narrow and AM

Power output 30 Watt.




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